Orthodox Luna Lovegood?

Today I wore an amazing shirt that is usually safe in my closet because I’m so afraid to ruin it, but I decided to take a risk and let it see the sun!

(It’s the white, blue and black one, not the striped one) I just love the children running around the table. I wore this shirt one other time on this blog, but in a very different way. You may remember it- I wore it underneath a fitted grey tee.)

This is the whole outfit. The skirt is actually wool, so it’s warms, and grey plaid. Yay! Plaid skirts! (I want a knee-length pleated one next)

I also went to an awesome theater class this afternoon. We played kiddy drama games and then we were handed scripts. I want to be in movies… is this a good head start, anyone? No?

Wearing: Old puffy shirt. H&M boatneck tee. Thrifted skirt. Shoes are Vans from a store in Providence called Berk’s.

I have been looking at a lot of Japanese fashion lately (is it time to break out my old Superlovers dress again?) and as usual I save my favorite/most inspiring/most outfit-idea-provoking pictures onto my desktop. Here are a few of my faves. Most are from tokyofashion.com, unless stated otherwise. (I sound so shmancy!)

I found this at Marlena’s blog. This is the original. I like the fishnets over stockings and the pointed bangs. That mushroom necklace is also tooootttaly rad.
I actually found at one of my new favorite blogs, styledynamite.blogspot.com. Give her a click, it’s worth it, and also she has great outfit posts, which is my favorite thing about fashion blogs. I love getting direct ideas for outfits and seeing trends in specific blogs. (EG I walk into Savers and think, Wow, Lexy would love that!) I also like finding Tumblrs, so if you have an awesome one, leave it in the comments.
I love those red shoes… and the shirt is to die for. Literally. No, actually, not literally. But it’s great. So is her hair, it’s adorable, like a Japanese 13-year-old Tavi.
I don’t think I could pull off this look, because I’m too lazy to put together things like that and I would end up looking like unicorn puke. I would definitely wear the shoes on the blue girl (!) though, maybe even with the same socks.
I don’t feel like any others are worth showing you right now… they’re just things I like, but aren’t very bloggish or inspiring in general to me.
Remember what I said about how much I love seeing peoples’ outfit posts? Well, I saved a few of my recent favorites of those, too. It takes a long time to make links so I will just write the blog’s name, and you can find it either earlier in this post or in my blogroll. (“fellow fashion flowers”)
Dayzee from Style Dynamite (styledynamite.blogspot.com)
Blog: “Hipster Musings?” Find it in my blogroll.
Marlena from Self-Constructed Freak (Find in blogroll if you don’t already know and worship her)
For previous 2 pictures: SOURCES UNKNOWN! If either are yours or you know the sources, leave a comment, please. I’ll take it down if it’s yours and you want me to.
Confessions of a Female Drag Queen.
That’s all for now, I’ll be making similar posts soon! See you later!

3 thoughts on “Orthodox Luna Lovegood?

  1. Heey Rubes! Do people ever call you that? They call me Ruby Tuesday.
    I like your blooog, I have one too, and I desperately wamt to be your friend.
    No, not because I’m a stalker, it’s just that all of my friends don’t get fashion and vintage clothing like you and I do.
    So if you get this, check out my blog
    Or you can email me, and you can find my email on my blog. You can also write back on here, because I will probably check for a reply obbsessivly every five minutes.
    But if you want, you can add me on Skype.
    I’m rubyrocksmysocks. :)
    –Other Ruby

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