Mall loita

I don’t know if I’ll wear this out today. I hope so, but for now I’m cooped up.

I don’t claim to be loita, or dress loita, or wear loita things, but I still think this picture screams “MALL GOTH LOITA”. I don’t really have any experience with loita/dolly-kei/etc styles, but today I felt like faking it. I even followed some gothic loita makeup tutorials for the past couple days. Today I made my lips black and red and shiny.

And I have 2 things for you to consider today (please tell me in the comments!):

Have you ever felt “fake” when you wore something that fell under a style that you didn’t know  much about? Ever been called “mall goth”, “emo (etc)”, “fake” or a “poser”?

And (I know this is seemingly random)

What should I do next with my hair? Should I get a bowl cut? Dye my bangs? Make my whole head blue? Re-dye my tips? Get a perm? I want to hear your thoughts! My hair’s getting boring!

Nobody sees the goalie’s cute skirt!

…But I love these cute field hockey uniforms! They’re the best part of playing a sport. (there’s not much competition for the “best things about sports” award, if you ask me.) We get to wear adorable little skirts and knee socks! We also have to keep our bangs out of our faces… and I have to put mine in a tiny ponytail in front of my head like a unicorn -_- SERIOUSLY HAIR?!!

Speaking of which, there are some serious 90s cheerleader vibes going on on the back of my head. We all had to wear ribbon bows for our ponytails!So much homework and shiz going on, but I’m going to start making some more frequent and interesting posts soon when I get into the swing of things a little more. Nobody reads a fashion blog to see a hockey uniform. So I’ll show you my fascinating bedroom instead! Everyone wants to see that!Things to note: Weird painting of a pink guy with a bird on his head (too dark to see the bird), halloween decorations, copy of HP7

Near the door. Things to note: Bass, statue of some weird elf guy or something (my nightstand for now), portrait of Spud McKenzie.

My favorite corner! TTN: Vintage mirror covered in beads, giant stuffed dog, Hong Kong movie poster, comfy low chair

Also, the following pictures are random from my computer. THEY HAVE NO KNOWN SOURCES. Please please tell me if a) they are yours, or b) you know the source. If you want them down tell me and I’ll take them off immediately. They are most likely from a random Google image or one of the blogs in my blogroll, if that helps.

From Dayzee’s blog

THiS IS THE MOST ADORABLE SHOE STYLE! My friend Megan has similar ones (below):

Sorry, but I think Megan’s are even cuter; they have 2 straps and BOWS! <3

For good measure, here’s her whole outfit:

She wears bindis and chunky funky (!) necklaces. Sorry the picture is so dark.
I wish I were Daria.
Actually, I know this source. It’s from Tavi’s new web zine, Rookie. This cute little kid in the collar is really cool, find the article about her, I’m too lazy to find the actual link. It was posted yesterday or the day before if that helps :\

Probably, but I don’t know. I’m stupid; I just save cool stuff onto my desktop without bothering to link back to where I got it.  Also I want a cape.


That’s all, friends. Fartheewell or something.

stop motion

Two new videos made my me and Megan! You like?

This one is pretty short, and we made it in the middle of the night just for fun so we didn’t pay too much attention to detail. The second one was a lot better… but still very odd. We just wanted to make a guy dance around and got a bit carried away.

Orthodox Luna Lovegood?

Today I wore an amazing shirt that is usually safe in my closet because I’m so afraid to ruin it, but I decided to take a risk and let it see the sun!

(It’s the white, blue and black one, not the striped one) I just love the children running around the table. I wore this shirt one other time on this blog, but in a very different way. You may remember it- I wore it underneath a fitted grey tee.)

This is the whole outfit. The skirt is actually wool, so it’s warms, and grey plaid. Yay! Plaid skirts! (I want a knee-length pleated one next)

I also went to an awesome theater class this afternoon. We played kiddy drama games and then we were handed scripts. I want to be in movies… is this a good head start, anyone? No?

Wearing: Old puffy shirt. H&M boatneck tee. Thrifted skirt. Shoes are Vans from a store in Providence called Berk’s.

I have been looking at a lot of Japanese fashion lately (is it time to break out my old Superlovers dress again?) and as usual I save my favorite/most inspiring/most outfit-idea-provoking pictures onto my desktop. Here are a few of my faves. Most are from, unless stated otherwise. (I sound so shmancy!)

I found this at Marlena’s blog. This is the original. I like the fishnets over stockings and the pointed bangs. That mushroom necklace is also tooootttaly rad.
I actually found at one of my new favorite blogs, Give her a click, it’s worth it, and also she has great outfit posts, which is my favorite thing about fashion blogs. I love getting direct ideas for outfits and seeing trends in specific blogs. (EG I walk into Savers and think, Wow, Lexy would love that!) I also like finding Tumblrs, so if you have an awesome one, leave it in the comments.
I love those red shoes… and the shirt is to die for. Literally. No, actually, not literally. But it’s great. So is her hair, it’s adorable, like a Japanese 13-year-old Tavi.
I don’t think I could pull off this look, because I’m too lazy to put together things like that and I would end up looking like unicorn puke. I would definitely wear the shoes on the blue girl (!) though, maybe even with the same socks.
I don’t feel like any others are worth showing you right now… they’re just things I like, but aren’t very bloggish or inspiring in general to me.
Remember what I said about how much I love seeing peoples’ outfit posts? Well, I saved a few of my recent favorites of those, too. It takes a long time to make links so I will just write the blog’s name, and you can find it either earlier in this post or in my blogroll. (“fellow fashion flowers”)
Dayzee from Style Dynamite (
Blog: “Hipster Musings?” Find it in my blogroll.
Marlena from Self-Constructed Freak (Find in blogroll if you don’t already know and worship her)
For previous 2 pictures: SOURCES UNKNOWN! If either are yours or you know the sources, leave a comment, please. I’ll take it down if it’s yours and you want me to.
Confessions of a Female Drag Queen.
That’s all for now, I’ll be making similar posts soon! See you later!

My favorite song is “Statues” by Alexandre Desplat

This is what I looked like today standing still and spinning. I think this outfit, and variations of it, will be reoccurring for me this fall and early winter. It’s warm and fun, and includes some of my favorite articles of clothing.

I also enjoy drawing little eyelash-lines under my eyes. They make me feel like an ugly, old-fashioned china doll. I love it! It puts eyeliner to good use.

Here’s a close-up of the fabrics. I love the shirt and skirt prints together.

Also, the title is true, and here’s a video of it because i don’t know how to attach a music file to a blog post. If you recognize it I will be your friend. I feel super emotional whenever i hear it and i have to hold back tears. Some song do that to you.


The songs that really touch me musically (queue the “aww”s)  are: “One Wing” by Wilco, “I Will Follow Him” from The Sister Act, that violin solo in “Spring” from The 4 Seasons by Vivaldi, and the song mentioned in the title. I don’t know why, but whenever i hear them I feel really sentimental.Actually, I will be your SUPER friend if you recognize all of these!

Fun fact: Memebase (part of the Cheezburger network) uses WordPress as a template. Who knew?



Now, a little outfit post. Just a quick one- don’t look forward to an inspiration post or a wall of text today. Homework…


It was too dark in this picture so I decided to edit it… I got a little carried away messing around with Foto Flexer. I look like an alien version of Voldemort. The important thing in this picture is the neckline and the steel “pearls”. In the next photo I am wearing what was supposed to look like a sailor collar but looks more like a short cape, unfortunately.

Wearing: Zebra dress: China. Skirt: Vietnam. Belt: Thrift. Sailor collar/cape: Self-made. Metal necklace: old; mom’s.

Giveaway Poll: What would you like to see?

I’m thinking of having a giveaway to thank my loyal readers and get some new ones, as well! What would you like to see in a package if you are the winner? If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment or give me an email at rubybook [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, how many packages should I give away? Should I have, say, 3 small prizes or one big winner with more? Leave any details for me and I’ll consider them all.



Love, Ruby

Pastel Raindrops Giveaway

Pastel Raindrops is having a giveaway and to enter you have to be a Google friend connecter and post about it on your blog with a link. Why not? :) I could use a bitt of cute. It’s right HERE.I’m going to make another quick post soon about a new sailor collar I recently made. Byesies!