a pathetic 5000 views

I’m back! I come with new clothes! And shoes! Yes!

First, an outfit (None of it was bought second-hand. I think I deserve a round of applause) (sale sections FTW):

Wearing: Shirt- J Crew, I think? Maybe H&M? Something like that. Skirt: Urban Outfitters (ikr?) Necklace: old. Shoe: Nordstrom. 

This is the other stuff I got. Shall I model some for you? Yes? No? Too bad. ARMYJACKETSI<3YOU

(Yeah, that’s Spud Mackenzie in the background. So what if I enjoy looking at his portrait in pop-art form while in my own room ?)

SECRET: The first picture is an XXXL from Baby Gap. No joke.



2 thoughts on “a pathetic 5000 views

  1. haha, no worries Ruby! I wasn’t offended by your comment at all. :) I do sometimes wear things that would be considered–by today’s standards–super mall gothy. ;)

    I love the pattern mixing you did in the first outfit! The pattern on that skirt kind of looks like crosses–very Jeremy Scott-esque!

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