Garlicky Love

This is a silent film I made using the power of stop motion!

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. I’ve been really uncreative with my outfits recently- just jeans, tucked-in tee shirts and a million clips and headbands. Nothing new.That is thanks to me never going out because I hardly know anyone yet- once school starts, I’ll dress more like I usually did before I started to get so laaayyzeeee.

The other day, someone asked me if I’d always had bangs. NOOO. I haven’t! So I decided to give you a little timeline of how I looked through childhood. (CUZ IM LIKE TOTALLY LIKE AN ADULLTT NOW OMG)

Age 3-5: Short, thin hair with half-bangs. They were half because I had such thin hair that my cowlick made them stand up.

I wore cute kiddy clothes, Hannah Anderson stuff, with flowers and dots and stripes. I hardly ever wore brands and my clothes rarely matched :) Is it vain to say that the clothes I used to wear were adorable, even if I couldn’t pick them out yet?

Obviously, the blondie is me.

When I was a little older, maybe 6, I wanted to be a princess. I would love to wear fancy, frilly things. This is my kindergarten class picture and I’m wearing a frilly puffy dress with pink lace. (!)Here’s me, at 10, playing a sheep in the class play. Need I point out who I am, as the only female? I do? Fine. I’m the one furthest to the right. I had long straight hair, thin wire glasses (I got them in 4th grade) and had a neutral sense of style. I had a uniform at that specific school.

At 10 or 11, I wanted to look old and mature, and all that crap. I had simple glasses, layered hair, and I was wearing a floral silk shirt in this picture. I would guess that I’m wearing skinny jeans and flats with it. I tried way to hard to be sophisticated or whatever. Hold on, did I have a tan?! I’m impressed that the past me went outside ever.

After that, I did a lot of style experimenting. I cut off all my long hair which I had for almost 4 years then, and I started wearing loud, colorful clothes and armwarmers made of socks. I’d mostly been inspired by Leslie Burke from the movie “Bridge to Terebithia”. I was like the dorky, awkward, unfitting Leslie with glasses and a limited costume selection. (L: Me, R: Leslie Burke)

(awkward 1st day of school picture with me looking like an old man in a wig and too many shirts)

Then I kind of developed into what I am now. Yaaaayyy. Rah. Etcetera. Awkward. Bye.


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