“Alexander Mc who?”

I can’t say I’ve always been interested in fashion. Until a year or two ago, I didn’t know who Alexander McQueen was, where fashion week took place, or anything of the sort. I didn’t know style.com existed, nor had I even considered making a fashion blog because I don’t consider myself a ‘fashionable’ person. Most kids my age will agree to that- Abercrombie is fashionable. F21 is fashionable. Skinny jeans and tee shirts are what’s “in”, as is side bangs, eyeliner, Converse, Uggs, floral bunchy skirts, and high-waisted minis. The girls at school who wear these don’t usually have much of an interest in fashion, and neither did I, until I decided I didn’t like what I had been wearing. I started watching fashion shows online, reading blogs, sketching outfits, sewing, and this summer I took a class on the subject. Then I realized that what I thought was “fashionable” wasn’t very “fashionable” at all- it was boring. It was cliched. I didn’t like it.

What got me interested in fashion were really the anti-fashion stuff I just mentioned. Cheesy magazines like Teen Vogue (I love Vogue, but not teens! Haha, just kidding…) and all those reality shows about models and fashion were what made me interested in runway and editorial, etc. I know none of that stuff has anything to do with real fashion. 17 Magazine is basically just “Amazing hair with this shampoo trick!” and “What can you wear to get your crush to notice you on the first day?” But for some reason, it made me want to know more, so with the power of the Internet I dug deeper into the fashionsphere and I gave most of my clothes to my little sister and decided to make every outfit a sculpture- wearable art.

My mom knew I was getting a little more curious about fashion and blogging, as was she. I was looking at Alexa Chung, who really inspired me in the beginning, and found a website claiming she had a blog. I started to look for it and then discovered this community of teenage fashion bloggers, who all end up blogrolling eachother, commenting on our blogs, etc. These people were super cool! I wanted to be a part of the coolness, the weird and brave things people would wear. Little by little, I went from an Aberzombie, to punkish with short hair and armwarmers, to what I am now.

My first few posts (this will be my 60th, I believe?) weren’t great, because I was new to the community, I was about to move, I didn’t know much about fashion. In my first picture, I have a pink bow in my hair, a tee shirt, a skirt and boots. It was a start, I guess. It took me a while to get the swing of things, but I don’t like deleting my old posts. It’s pretty interesting to see how my style and blog has evolved since just April- not long ago at all!

Wearing: Tee: China somewhere. Blazer: mom. Necklace: mom. Skirt: Vietnamese hill tribes. Jeans: OLD. Half-on Docs.


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