A MQ Resort 2012 <3

Lovelovelovelovelove this whole show, but I picked out my favorite outfits to show you guys.

This is stunning. I find it very fall-ey, my favorite season. I’m also excited to see snow for the first time in quite a while!

Probably my favorite outfit in the show.

There was a really distinct period feel in the nipped-waist jackets and mid-calf skirts. The cotton and the colors makes it look really earthy and cool, too. The whole thing looks like a down-to-earth Victorian mother would wear it in the fall or on a cold summer night.

This show somehow reminded me of the Etsy shop “<a title=”Enlightened Platypus”. I want a coat from there more than anything in the whole world (I will love you if you buy me one!) but they’re hundreds of dollars each. I’m sad just thinking about my lack of one. You should really check them out. Just save one for me after about a million years of allowance and babysitting! Look at the hoods!

This is from that Etsy shop mentioned above. This is my favorite one.


One thought on “A MQ Resort 2012 <3

  1. Oh my gosh, those are awesome, you’re completely right. The blue and purple ones are the best, I checked it out. From the Resort, I guess we have the same favorites.

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