Guest post: Alexander McQueen, by Laura

I don’t think anyone can honestly say that at some stage in their life they haven’t heard the name ‘Alexander McQueen’. His designs are known for being as breathtakingly beautiful as they are theatrical, and you can’t help but feel a sense of awe when you flick through images of his collections. What I think is the most wonderful thing about each of his pieces, is the story that is woven deep into each garment, these are not just clothes! What McQueen created was much more than material we put on our backs, it was moving art. As he himself said; ‘“I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists. I have to force people to look at things.”

One of my favourite shows of all time was his Fall ’09 ‘The Horn of Plenty’ collection where he showcased a collection, that to me, seemed deeply inspired by Japanese Kabuki, but also incorporated many elements of early 1950’s haute couture. Despite McQueen, obviously, being a man he truly knew how to embody the power of the woman, and you can see in each of his collections a strong idea of power, strength and nobility.

Some of his most famous pieces are currently being showcased at the NYC Metropolitan of Modern Art in an exhibition titled ‘Savage Beauty’. You can go check it out here: (

[This is a guest post by Laura B, not by me, Ruby, despite what it says the author is. If you want to see more of Laura’s writing, go to her blog at Wrinke in Time Vintage  ( She also posts a lot of great pictures. Check it out! :) ]


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