Harajuku love

Aww. Super-lovers <3 Today I wore a Japanese dress and ate candy. Dress: Super-Lovers. Shoes: Docs. Leggings: Gap. Tee: China. All barrettes, bows, and bracelets either self-made or from childhood.

This is a bit diferent from what I normally wear- it’s a little too “mall goth” for my taste- so I added bows, rings, pastel hair clips, yellow socks and kept the hood down. It actually looks kind of like gothic loita now <3 :) :) :)

I love it. Someone made fun of my Pokemon wristband today so I told Pikachu to use thunderbolt and all was fine.  

 I like to shake it up, though. This is really comfortable, though.

How do you think people would react if you changed your look completely in one day?




3 thoughts on “Harajuku love

  1. Hey I love this look! (: Good question.. I gradually changed my style last year – I used to be somewhat emo/alternative/whateverz i feel bad about tagging myself and now I’m weird with alternative vibes if I need to describe it. People didn’t really notice I guess, except to one of my friends who made fun of me. In the beginning of the 8th grade I started wearing just ”average” clothing, that’s a year ago now.. a friend of mine waited behind the lockers until I dropped my English books to laugh at me and the look in her eyes was like “Oh, dude. What are you doing? You can’t hold onto this for long!” so the day after I wore the clothing that was average for how I dress. I don’t think a lot of people would notice because they think they can expect anything from me and my style, only a few good friends would notice and tell me to wear something Í like. That’s how you know who your friends are.

  2. Ahhh, you have a Super Lovers dress?! I am way jealous! ;) I really love the skirt/overall hybrid style–it’s so cute! And I love the way you styled it, of course. <3

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