Rain shoes

From Spank!, Hello Naka, Tavi (Style Rookie) (like how I refer to her as if she were my biffle?), “Jesus and his lawyer are coming back!”

That last picture is my favorite. It looks so vintage and cool- the theme in that little photo collection was “boats” or something. All of those citations are in my blogroll on the right of your screen because I’m too lazy BUSY… ahem… yes… to link them.

Today someone in my class told me I reminded her of Tavi. I actually almost cried! That’s the biggest compliment I’ve ever recieved! Sorry, I’m too fan-girlish, but I’m not a stalker, I swear :O Tavi and Marlena are my 2 favorite bloggers, I think. The rest are a tie for second place : D  Speaking of which, Marlena received my award and posted it on her blog today with a link back to mine. Yay, free traffic? Sorry.

Now, in this outfit, I was going to wear this belt. Let’s have a little poll, shall we? Next time I wear this outfit, should I wear a belt or not?


Wearing: Shirt: pure awesome. Skirt: China. Shoes: hand-me-downed. Armwarmers: made by me.


Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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