“One Lovely Blog”

I’ve been tagged by Alix for the One Lovely Blog award! The rules are that I have to give 7 facts about myself and then tag 6 other bloggers who I think have one lovely blog! Thank you, alix :)

So, seven facts- let me see.

1. I always pick out the red M&Ms and eat them last, after I’ve eaten the other colors. Don’t ask me why.

2. I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life, though not everyone in my family is.

3. I usually spend at least an hour looking at style.com and memebase.com every day.

4. I haven’t gone to one school for 2 whole years in a row since, what, 1st grade?

5. My favorite magazine is NYLON and I wish it would come out more than once a month.

6. My favorite colors are bright red and mustard yellow.

7. This is the second time I’ve dyed my hair. Last year I had some pink highlights. That was before I got my big glasses and when I had stick straight, waist-length hair.

I think I’m going to tag:

Self Constructed Freak

Quirky Explosion

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7 thoughts on ““One Lovely Blog”

  1. I read under “about” that you lived in China. That must’ve been an amazing experience! I love your creativity and spunk! ;) Is there a way I can follow your blog? I don’t see a follow button anywhere. Hmm.

  2. @Flow: I don’t know about “follow”, but you can click SUBSCRIBE under the “Be Notified” thingy on the right column, just underneath my blogroll. Then you will get an email whenever I write a new post.

  3. wow alot of schools!
    also,I don’t know if you’ve noticed but that “cocomuffin” person has put a recent blog post that I feel may be directed to us due to the tavi debate.by us I mean you,and me plus my friend(me and friend also put comments,which have still not been moderated by the blogger).

  4. @sofie: thank you for backing me up, but it’s fine. Her new post is extremely immature and rude, and we know now that what she does with her time is make fun of kids she doesn’t know on her little blog, by calling us defensive. Yes, I am defensive, when one of my biggest inspirations is attacked. Whatever. Obviously she doesn’t have much to do if she is still thinking about that comment I wrote.

Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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