Today I got some Dell’s lemonade and washed my hair. Then it went all Florence on me, so I had to brush it for about two thousand years.

.Details: dino broach,temporary tattoo, plaid

Wearing: Tee shirt: Nordstrom. Pants: Hand-me-downed Trina Turk. Belt: Unknown. Broach: DIY.

What do you like to eat or drink on a hot day?


2 thoughts on “Dell-icious!

  1. Second photo: Doggy thing in the background! I don’t know what’s the decent English word for it but I think you know what I mean. I love your pants, by the way. And Coca Cola. Like always. I drink that… all day. Every day.

  2. I loveee your pants ;) AND YOUR SHOES OMG.
    Hmmm, I like Diet Coke and Sprite :DD

    Hey Ruby, have you ever heard of a website called ‘Looklet’?
    If you haven’t then I think you’ll really like it. You basically create your own looks using real models and real clothes that you can actually purchase in stores. You need to sign up first, but it’s free and totally worth it! :D

    xx Zabbbbby :)

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