” ‘What is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?’ “

I just had a little explosion at some blogger named “Coco Muffin” through a comment. It wasn’t too harsh, but I was mad. See, I was trying to figure out where or how Tavi Gevinson got those big knitted chain necklaces, because I’m in love with them. Then I came across this old post from another blogger who was trying to tell the world that she isn’t “fashionable” and that she “pities Tavi”. You can read the article here. The strange part is that everything on her blog tagged “fashion” is something like Juicy and her dressing, well, (I don’t mean to be rude) normally. Not bad, but I wouldn’t expect her to have a huge interest in fashion, you know? This is my comment.

“ ‘What 13-year-old has that much knowledge of vintage and proper prose? Seriously. I think she’s trying too hard.’
Did it ever occur to you that perhaps she is a mature and intelligent teenager? I don’t understand why a “normal childhood” has to include being unaware of your dreams and even interests, dressing like she might as an adult but less gray, and having nothing to do with anything society doesn’t see as ‘common’ or ‘normal’?
I think from a high-fashion point of view, Tavi is wonderful. She looks like she belongs on a runway- her OWN runway. She is also an outstanding writer with an original voice and good ideas. From a Forever 21 point of view, she looks like a clown. To decide whether she is fashionable, you must decide this: which one is real fashion?
Is a random teenager in a tee shirt and jeans more fashionable- one who probably put no thought into her outfit, maybe just threw it on or copied a celebrity? Tavi, whether you like it or not, retains the same style, the same voice of her clothing. You know she has thought about what she is wearing and is wearing it for a reason, and even if you don’t like it, she IS breaking fashion boundaries. Every outfit she wears is completely different, but they all have the same tone, the same ideas, the same STYLE. This is because she is aware of what she is wearing. The “Tavi Style”, if it caught on, would be very easy to re-create because she makes her own rules, and she makes them clearly. Like I said before, she has a reason when she puts something on. She has inspiration posts on her blog because she is inspired. She creates moodboards because she has the ability to portray her feelings through visual art, usually in the form of fashion.

Tavi Gevinson is NOT a style rookie. She invented her OWN definition of style and made it spectacular. She inspired me to blog and create. I never cared about fashion until I found out about her.”

And I just thought I really said all I wanted to about her in this post so I decided to share. I’m not a great writer so I don’t know if all my feelings were arranged correctly. All I know is that looking at Style Rookie, reading what she wrote and looking at her photographs, it made me want to be a part of it. She forced me to care about fashion in the least. Tavi, I have to say, is my biggest inspiration regarding fashion, and to see her being mocked in such an ignorant tone infuriated me because she’s so much more than a girl who used to have greyish hair and wears chunky sweaters. It took me a long time to realize it, but everything she wears has a meaning, and it’s important to me. I didn’t mean to attack the writer of this post or say she’s stupid. I don’t even know her. I just believe she’s looking at Tavi’s style the wrong way, without even considering that maybe she isn’t just trying too hard.

That’s it. Wow, what an awkward ending.

And because there is no use at all of anything without pictures or conversation, here are a few random pictures.

From: Now This is Gothic, Spank!, Streets of Japan, FRUiTS

Who do you look up to?

EDIT: The original poster contacted me through a comment. I think I should make it clear that she wrote the post, but the quote at the beginning of my comment came from another commenter.


7 thoughts on “” ‘What is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?’ “

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Im quite honoured (and amused) to know that my little rant on your fashion goddess could rile you up to such an extent. The link is sure to generate “some” traffic to my blog (considering you only have a miserable 3000 readership view in total, I wouldnt say that your link would increase my viewership that exponentially).

    As for style, to each his/her own. You have your views and I have mine. And yes, so has Tavi. And everyone else. True, fashion is not just about f21 or juicy (I dont really fancy juicy c btw cos they suck. Furry and pink and cutesy = Yucks. I was asked to try on their rubber bands cos they dont bite. I tie my hair often and most rubber bands bite my hair too hard – either that or they dont grip well. I prefer minimalist clean lines you see hence furry hair scrunchies that may work for your wee lil head, wouldnt work for me. )

    Oh and I notice that you do selective reading? If you must comment, please quote me properly – some of your quotes didnt come from me but my readers and I do not appreciate the misquote.

    Thank you. Well then, I have to get back to work. You go have a day at school ahead :-)

  2. A great post! I took a look at the article,and found myself also angered by her viewpoint,and the comments below. But I think you summed up a very good comment in response….I also left a comment if you’re interested.
    Tavi was the one that got me into blogging too,and for that I’m grateful.

    The comment above.again angers me a little….to her I say, how can you be so petty? Stomping on anothers readership count! That is so fickle,I find those sort of comments dreadfully frustrating. People can have different viewpoints,and may debate them….but you shouldn’t lower yourself to childish banter and sarcasm(“fashion godess”) ,or try to degrade the other person and their blog.

  3. Thank you for agreeing with me! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who looks up to Tavi :) And it took me weeks to build up the courage to dye my hair permanently! I still only did the tips so I could chop it off if I had to, because I’m still not that brave :3

  4. AGREE. Tavi was my main inspiration to start blogging too. I think you used very mature language to set that kid up to her point. I think she’s the kind of person who thinks fashion is all about looking glamourous and blah blah blah blonde hair, jeans, “fashionable” top- you know what I’m pointing at I guess. I hate that kind of person. And by the way, your hair is awesome.

    Narita | Fashionfibesfromlegendland.blogspot.com

  5. I know what you mean. Fashion today is so bland. I got laughed at for wearing skeleton heads in top hats and a turtle neck with pull strings by girls who think looking “hipster” is original. Not to.mention I get stared at for wearing a panda sweater.

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