We shall fight in the shade.

Today was a pretty normal summer day- me dressing like it’s the middle of winter, hollowing out books, and tagging along with my mom to get dog food at target just so I can get out of the house and see what other humans look like. Gotta love moving two months before school starts when nobody lives near you, eh?

I once read in the book “Still Life with Mockingbird” that Elmer was the Greek god of glue. Can anyone second that? Was it literal? I’ve been thinking about it for days. YES I KNOW HOW TO GOOGLE LEAVE ME ALONE. I’ve also been watching Spongebob and applying to be on the show “Dog Whisperer” with my pup, Iggy. More on that later, maybe. I’ve also started to listen to some more Pixies instead of my subconscious only-Wilco streak.

Now, for the point of this post: an outfit. Exciting, right?

Wearing: Tee: Cotton On. Skirt: Zara. Jeans: REALLYYY OLD. Shoes: My lonely pair of Docs. Cape: Random blanket, pinned with toy dinosaur superglued to a safety pin.

When was the last time you wore a cape?


4 thoughts on “We shall fight in the shade.

  1. I WANT A CAPE. Seriously. I’m going to the market next monday and get some fabrics and sewing stuff and make myself a cape. I’ll wear it to school. That was the inspiring moment of this day. :D I’m following you by the way, your posts are fun to read!

  2. Hey, Narita! So, I want to follow your blog, but the thing is- I don’t know how to read Dutch (that’s Dutch, right?). Could you send me a link or something? For the time being, I’ll just blogroll you.

  3. I’ve already tried to make a lot English but it seems blogger doesn’t like my desire to blog in English. I’ve made a “Follow by Email” thing on my blog, maybe that’s an option? And above my blog, right up to the top, there should be a button that says “Volgen” or something. That means follow.. I JUST TAUGHT YOU A DUTCH WORD. :D

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