I got a haircut today. I took off an inch or two, got layers, and some blunt bangs. I also died the tips of my hair blue, and it turned out better than I thought it would! I really love the result. The idea of dying my hair blue actually began when I was creating this post. You watched me grow into the person I am now! Sniff! Awww!

Wearing: Tee by H&M, collar made and added by me, Sinful Colors nail polish

Have you ever dyed your hair?


7 thoughts on “HAIR.

  1. so, this is probably really weird and i swear im not some creep… but i saw your question on yahoo answers, and decided to check out your website, and i am so impressed with you. seriously, i’m 15, and i WISH i looked like you, and had your style. you are gorgeous, and again, im really impressed with your class and how “suave” you are, i suppose.

  2. Did you have to dye it back to blonde? I love the blue it compliments your eyes! It reminds me of your first blue which was also really cool.

  3. Sorry Ruby for some reason this was the first post that popped up so I thought you changed your hair again. Nevermind…. :)

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