Pink and black and white

Wearing~ Dress: Merci Beaucoup. Rubber shoes: hand-me-downed. Belt: old scarf. Hairclips all made by me, out of a small plastic seal, insect, apple, piece of candy; plus one from a flower shop (not visible in this picture).

Sorry about the boringness of this outfit. I tried to embellish it a bit with my hair clips, but it’s just so HOT that my options were limited because almost all my clothes are for colder weather, which is pretty ironic, seeing as I just moved here from Shenzhen, which is a lot hotter than it is in Rhode Island.

Rain shoes

From Spank!, Hello Naka, Tavi (Style Rookie) (like how I refer to her as if she were my biffle?), “Jesus and his lawyer are coming back!”

That last picture is my favorite. It looks so vintage and cool- the theme in that little photo collection was “boats” or something. All of those citations are in my blogroll on the right of your screen because I’m too lazy BUSY… ahem… yes… to link them.

Today someone in my class told me I reminded her of Tavi. I actually almost cried! That’s the biggest compliment I’ve ever recieved! Sorry, I’m too fan-girlish, but I’m not a stalker, I swear :O Tavi and Marlena are my 2 favorite bloggers, I think. The rest are a tie for second place : D  Speaking of which, Marlena received my award and posted it on her blog today with a link back to mine. Yay, free traffic? Sorry.

Now, in this outfit, I was going to wear this belt. Let’s have a little poll, shall we? Next time I wear this outfit, should I wear a belt or not?


Wearing: Shirt: pure awesome. Skirt: China. Shoes: hand-me-downed. Armwarmers: made by me.

Oh, I didn’t die- I should be satisfied

Today was day #3 of my fashion design and construction class at RISD. Yesterday we just watched some fashion shows (sadly, some were not new to me. I should stop checking so much and it won’t happen! :( ) and decorated our portfolios with fashion magazines. Not much, but it was day one. Then we learned the proper way to sketch models when drawing clothing on them and we were assigned themes to design outfits for, which was harder. Today we brought in a piece of clothing and basically maimed it and tommorow we’re putting it back together and then making an exact copy with different fabric! Eee! I don’t have a sewing machine yet and this is going to be refreshing!

I also made a few things today, including fishnet/lace armwarmers, a tulle cuff of sorts, and a bouquet of plastic wristbands made into a pin.

I also jumped back into the blogosphere. My viewers had gone down by 70% while I was at camp and I started to reconnect with some people and read some more blogs. My daily reads are usually Tavi, Self-Constructed-Freak, Quirky Explosion, and A Witch’s Style, but now I’m starting to read more than that. Eep, I’m gonna need a bigger blogroll!

Unknown, unknown but of Jeff Tweedy, Tavi, FRUiTs, Paper or Plastic?, me (work in progress), and me.

I finally organized my closet, too. The following picture of Narnia doesn’t even include my dresser drawers. I never realized how many clothes I had! Most are actually hand-me-downed from my mom or bought in China straight out of the factory for ubercheap, but STILLL.

Now, to make this post even longer  more exciting, here are a few pictures I liked especially from today. It’s fall couture! The first two are from Valentino, I think (please correct me if I’m wrong, my memory is like that of an old man’s goldfish) and the rest are Chanel.

 The best part are those lace/tulle masks/eye-veil-thingos. I actually tried to make a purple on today until I realized it wouldn’t work with my glasses or my bangs. The third picture with the white boots reminded me of Chanel’s resort 2012 collection, except, If I remember, those had flip-flop toes and thinner heels.

Ugh, I just started to write about Alexander MQ’s show but then I remembered I already did a post about it ( so I had to go deletedeletedelete and then cried myself to sleep. Not really.

Bye, y’all!

Wearing: Sweater: Cotton On. Tee: Urumtees. Shorts: old. Shoes: Vans. Holding a popsicle.

I made this with an auto-GIF thingy by typing in my blog name and it randomly chooses pics. Is it working?

Edit: Hmm, it’s not working. I guess I’ll tell you a joke instead to make up for it.

Once upon a time, a guy and a bowl of pudding were in a car. A tree fell into the road and so the man slammed on his brakes and the pudding flew everywhere. This made the man angry, and he started to yell at the pudding. “Sorry, sorry,” said the pudding, pulling itself together, and they drove on. A dog ran into the road, the man slammed on his brakes, the pudding flew everywhere, and the man yelled, “IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN I’M THROWING YOU INTO THE OCEAN!” The pudding pulled itself together, upset, and this time buckled up. Then, a newly wed couple walked into the road, the man slammed on his brakes, and the pudding STILL flew all over the car. The man angrily took the pudding, dumped it into the nearby ocean and drove away. The end.

Sorry, that one was stupid, haha, but I love it so much! For some reason it’s really funny to me. To make up for it I’ll do another one.

Okay, so once a newly wed couple went on their honeymoon to the beach. They were walking to the beach when an angry man almost hit them with his car but stopped just in time. Unfortunately, the wife’s ring flew off when she jumped in surprise, and it was lost in the sand. The couple searched for hours but eventually had to give up and go home.

10 years later, they went back to the beach for their anniversary. They were walking hand in hand down the shore when suddenly a beautiful shell sealed shut washed up on the shore. They opened it, and guess what was inside?

The pudding!

“One Lovely Blog”

I’ve been tagged by Alix for the One Lovely Blog award! The rules are that I have to give 7 facts about myself and then tag 6 other bloggers who I think have one lovely blog! Thank you, alix :)

So, seven facts- let me see.

1. I always pick out the red M&Ms and eat them last, after I’ve eaten the other colors. Don’t ask me why.

2. I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life, though not everyone in my family is.

3. I usually spend at least an hour looking at and every day.

4. I haven’t gone to one school for 2 whole years in a row since, what, 1st grade?

5. My favorite magazine is NYLON and I wish it would come out more than once a month.

6. My favorite colors are bright red and mustard yellow.

7. This is the second time I’ve dyed my hair. Last year I had some pink highlights. That was before I got my big glasses and when I had stick straight, waist-length hair.

I think I’m going to tag:

Self Constructed Freak

Quirky Explosion

A Witch’s Style

 Jesus and his lawyer are coming back…

Paper or Plastic?

Look Ugly in a Photograph





Today I got some Dell’s lemonade and washed my hair. Then it went all Florence on me, so I had to brush it for about two thousand years.

.Details: dino broach,temporary tattoo, plaid

Wearing: Tee shirt: Nordstrom. Pants: Hand-me-downed Trina Turk. Belt: Unknown. Broach: DIY.

What do you like to eat or drink on a hot day?

I don’t even pierce my ears.

Someone asked me in a comment yesterday what my views are about piercings and tattoos. Well, Zabby, I’ll start with this: I am extremely pain intolerant, so I don’t have either. I don’t even pierce my ears, or I haven’t yet; I’m not sure what I’ll do in the future, but I don’t think they look bad on other people.

I think if an alien came to our planet and discovered piercings, they would think we were absolutely barbaric. I mean, who would stick something painfully through their skin for decoration? Who would want to beautify their self to such an extent they would mutilate themselves for the chance to wear extra jewelry? On the other hand, jewelry! I have no problem with other people getting piercings, but it just seems kind of strange to me when I think about it with some objectivity. Strange isn’t bad- I just don’t think it’s worth any pain whatsoever if it’s not necessary.

Then again, a tiny nose stud might look kind of cute someday… not today. Might. If I can handle seeing a needle go through my face.

As for tattoos- same deal, I suppose. They can look fine, even really cool on some people, but I don’t think I want any. It just seems kind of pointless for me, and it will be with me forever.

The only real objection I have to piercings and/or tattoos is face tattoos. In my opinion, there’s nothing that says “don’t hire me” like a skull or a dragon on your forehead.

Sorry that I don’t have much to say about this, but in conclusion, I don’t want anything like that: at least for now. I don’t mind it on other people.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

We shall fight in the shade.

Today was a pretty normal summer day- me dressing like it’s the middle of winter, hollowing out books, and tagging along with my mom to get dog food at target just so I can get out of the house and see what other humans look like. Gotta love moving two months before school starts when nobody lives near you, eh?

I once read in the book “Still Life with Mockingbird” that Elmer was the Greek god of glue. Can anyone second that? Was it literal? I’ve been thinking about it for days. YES I KNOW HOW TO GOOGLE LEAVE ME ALONE. I’ve also been watching Spongebob and applying to be on the show “Dog Whisperer” with my pup, Iggy. More on that later, maybe. I’ve also started to listen to some more Pixies instead of my subconscious only-Wilco streak.

Now, for the point of this post: an outfit. Exciting, right?

Wearing: Tee: Cotton On. Skirt: Zara. Jeans: REALLYYY OLD. Shoes: My lonely pair of Docs. Cape: Random blanket, pinned with toy dinosaur superglued to a safety pin.

When was the last time you wore a cape?

” ‘What is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?’ “

I just had a little explosion at some blogger named “Coco Muffin” through a comment. It wasn’t too harsh, but I was mad. See, I was trying to figure out where or how Tavi Gevinson got those big knitted chain necklaces, because I’m in love with them. Then I came across this old post from another blogger who was trying to tell the world that she isn’t “fashionable” and that she “pities Tavi”. You can read the article here. The strange part is that everything on her blog tagged “fashion” is something like Juicy and her dressing, well, (I don’t mean to be rude) normally. Not bad, but I wouldn’t expect her to have a huge interest in fashion, you know? This is my comment.

“ ‘What 13-year-old has that much knowledge of vintage and proper prose? Seriously. I think she’s trying too hard.’
Did it ever occur to you that perhaps she is a mature and intelligent teenager? I don’t understand why a “normal childhood” has to include being unaware of your dreams and even interests, dressing like she might as an adult but less gray, and having nothing to do with anything society doesn’t see as ‘common’ or ‘normal’?
I think from a high-fashion point of view, Tavi is wonderful. She looks like she belongs on a runway- her OWN runway. She is also an outstanding writer with an original voice and good ideas. From a Forever 21 point of view, she looks like a clown. To decide whether she is fashionable, you must decide this: which one is real fashion?
Is a random teenager in a tee shirt and jeans more fashionable- one who probably put no thought into her outfit, maybe just threw it on or copied a celebrity? Tavi, whether you like it or not, retains the same style, the same voice of her clothing. You know she has thought about what she is wearing and is wearing it for a reason, and even if you don’t like it, she IS breaking fashion boundaries. Every outfit she wears is completely different, but they all have the same tone, the same ideas, the same STYLE. This is because she is aware of what she is wearing. The “Tavi Style”, if it caught on, would be very easy to re-create because she makes her own rules, and she makes them clearly. Like I said before, she has a reason when she puts something on. She has inspiration posts on her blog because she is inspired. She creates moodboards because she has the ability to portray her feelings through visual art, usually in the form of fashion.

Tavi Gevinson is NOT a style rookie. She invented her OWN definition of style and made it spectacular. She inspired me to blog and create. I never cared about fashion until I found out about her.”

And I just thought I really said all I wanted to about her in this post so I decided to share. I’m not a great writer so I don’t know if all my feelings were arranged correctly. All I know is that looking at Style Rookie, reading what she wrote and looking at her photographs, it made me want to be a part of it. She forced me to care about fashion in the least. Tavi, I have to say, is my biggest inspiration regarding fashion, and to see her being mocked in such an ignorant tone infuriated me because she’s so much more than a girl who used to have greyish hair and wears chunky sweaters. It took me a long time to realize it, but everything she wears has a meaning, and it’s important to me. I didn’t mean to attack the writer of this post or say she’s stupid. I don’t even know her. I just believe she’s looking at Tavi’s style the wrong way, without even considering that maybe she isn’t just trying too hard.

That’s it. Wow, what an awkward ending.

And because there is no use at all of anything without pictures or conversation, here are a few random pictures.

From: Now This is Gothic, Spank!, Streets of Japan, FRUiTS

Who do you look up to?

EDIT: The original poster contacted me through a comment. I think I should make it clear that she wrote the post, but the quote at the beginning of my comment came from another commenter.


I got a haircut today. I took off an inch or two, got layers, and some blunt bangs. I also died the tips of my hair blue, and it turned out better than I thought it would! I really love the result. The idea of dying my hair blue actually began when I was creating this post. You watched me grow into the person I am now! Sniff! Awww!

Wearing: Tee by H&M, collar made and added by me, Sinful Colors nail polish

Have you ever dyed your hair?