I made a stuffed animal-person.

Hey, readers. Oh, wait, that’s right, most of the people I just referred to don’t exist.

Anyway, I’m going to camp in Vermont for the next three weeks. I’m going to be working on a farm with animals and growing food and stuff. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures when I get back, but unfortunately there isn’t any electricity there, so I won’t be blogging for a while.

However, my mom agreed to do a little bit of guest-posting while I’m gone to keep you entertained, because I’m sure your lives totally revolve around this blog.


This is my latest completed sewing project if anyone was wondering- I’m debating between the names “Schizophrenic Steve” or “Steve the Psycho”. All I know is that he looks like a Steve.

If anyone’s curious, here are a few more of my favorites. I call them: Tylenol, 3 (I’m not creative and it happened to be the third one Imade), Steve, The Mooby (Cow baby!) and Pinky. And Steve’s left arm is detachable at the bottom. Two othersI’m rather proud of are Beanie and Beanette, two bean-shaped creatures with faces and hair, made out of my old mustard-colored corduroys.


2 thoughts on “I made a stuffed animal-person.

  1. EEK YOUR STUFFIES ARE SO CUTEEEEE! I LOVE THEM. THey’re so original! Way better than my generic TY Stuffies. haha. LOVE THEM.

    Have fun at camp! That’s so sweet that your mom is filling in for you. I don’t even think my mom knows what a “blog” is.


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