You and I, we might be strangers

Heh, enjoying my creepy GIF? I originally did it as a picture of my new yellow shirt for the blog, but it turned out shadowey so I took another picture without moving the camera, and voila. I’m sure that was absolutely fascinating. Don’t worry, that’s not what this post is for, making that (which took 5 seconds) just made me feel really techmawlogie smuurrt.

Sooo, the real point was that I was walking around Providence today… I KNOW RIGHT?!?… and I stepped into Berk’s (as some readers may recall, my new favorite shoe and clothing store) to gaze longingly at the most beautiful and expensive Docs I’ve ever wanted this badly. Then my mom said she found a near identical pair online for about 2 thirds the price, which still left me $40 in my shoe budget (AKA life savings which I spend on shoes) so I bought this uh-maaaayzing pair of shoes! It’s still expensive, but I occasionally spend a lot on really beautiful things that will last me a long time. They had them in black and white, but I couldn’t resist the yellow! I LUV THEMMM. Still, not as much as the Docs, but one less awesome pair of shoes now and one awesome later is better than one awesome pair now… right? Here are some pictures of Providence and Berk’s.










And here are my new Vans, and what I wore today! Now that I live in a place with no constant construction or  pollution that blocks out the sun, outside pictures will become more frequent.


Wearing~ Tee: Cotton On. Skirt: from Vietnamese hill tribe. Shoes: Gladiators. (It was raining and I didn’t wanna ruin my new Vans)


6 thoughts on “You and I, we might be strangers

  1. UM YOUR SHOES ARE AWESOME?!?!?!?!?! YEssssss. I want. Seriously. AWESOME. You are so cute. You remind me of the Olsen twins when they were young ‘uns. That’s awesome. I seriously used to worship those twins!

    These pictures are fabulous and I ESPECIALLY love that gif. GIFS ARE SO MUCH FUN YEAHHH!?

    You are so cute! I wish I was as cute as you when I was your age! I wasn’t. Cute, that is. Nope.

  2. OMG Ruby that mural you have in one of the pics was painted by me and my girl scout troop!! What a coincidence that you have a pic of it on your blog!!

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