“the lean silhouette he opted for was more cerebral than sensual, even if the opening hits of broom yellow and lilac did suggest local summer flora…” -Tim Blanks

Couldn’t have put it better myself. The show was soooo nice and it reminds me of my newish yellow cardigan that was in a few recent posts. With the lilac, though, it looks more like summer than spring, like  if a little kid making a daisy chain on the beach took business-woman form- actually, daisies is a good comparison. It looks like… daisies.

Did I mention which show this is? It’s the Chanel resort 2012 collection. The only thing I don’t like is the shoes, they just take away from the outfits as a whole. They look kind of tacky and like the designer simply threw them in at the last minute. It makes them less flattering and more boring. They are okay in the last picture I posted, but otherwise they don’t seem like they go well at all.

And as a closing note, here’s some weekend inspiration and the manicure I gave myself. Dots are easy, okay?!!

Photos from (in order) Tokyo Bopper (2) , FRUiTS, Spank! girls, Now This is Gothic (2) , and an unknown source. If you recognize the last picture email me and I’ll source it correctly or take it down if you want.

,  Excuse my awkward face.


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