Barrettes, concerts, nail polish…

Yesterday I had my school’s annual spring concert, UUUGGGH. There’s nothing like sitting in a crowded, hot space on the floor backstage for three hours and running out every ten minutes to drag a string bass onto the stage to play for a minute at a time. But I decided to look presentable and springish, so I wore light yellow and blue, the springiest of colors in my opinion. Also, it was a perfect excuse to wear the prettiest hat alive um, not alive… yessss! I laid out the clothes and thought, “I’m going to feel so light and happy wearing this.” Unfortunately the sweater is wool, and the skirt is longish and thick, so I ended up feeling just heavy and sweaty all nihgt. At least I looked like I belonged in the spring. Unfortunately, the weather always feels like the middle of the summer here, so that was one less spring point. BUt let’s just get to the outfit, mmkay? Unfortunately my hat was falling off here…

Skirt: hand-me-downed. Sweater: J-Crew. Tank: Abercrombie hand-me-downed. Hat: from an old doll. Random barrettes. Shoes: unknown.

I also got some new barrettes at the grocery store today. I always go to the grocery store hair care section after school to see if they have new barrettes. I got eight or so cheap candy-shaped ones for only 4 RMB (uummm, I’m not good at math, maybe 50 cents?). Here they are. I might just have to paint over a couple of them to make them pastel-colored. Under that picture is my whole current barrette collection, which isn’t too great…

 Colorful candy barrettes with flowers!

I love hair thingies.

Ah, yes. My nails. I was looking through some pictures the other day and the sky is just so grey here (every day, due to pollution, not clouds) that I wanted to make a blue and green picture. Or bluish green. REALLY BRIGHT BLUISH GREEN to substitute the dull greys and browns I see out my window. And then I got this POSITIVELY MAGICAL IDEA of painting my nails the same color as the picture because 1. it will look pretty and 2. it might help me stop biting my nails, which is gross.

The original (care bear, old cd, hand-painted scissors, nail polish, bow brooch, glasses, self-made brooch, glasses case)

The nails (I had some editing fun.)

Yummmz, dontcha just luuvvv photo editing? It loves you, too, I promise. :3 (edited with

I found my old camera the other day. It kind of sucks, but at least I don’t have to use Photobooth or borrow my mom’s anymore. :) Here are some recent pictures, and some that were just on the camera that I took a while ago. My favorite one is first- I took it this February or March and never ended up putting it on my computer until now. That’s not an abnormally grey sky, FYI.

This was before I even began blogging.

I love taking these blurry ghost photos.Hair thingies galore.I got a rose on valentine’s day!

My internet is really slow and these take forever to upload, so I’ll just leave it at that. Good night, everyone! Have a fabulous Wednesday! :)




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