I made a stuffed animal-person.

Hey, readers. Oh, wait, that’s right, most of the people I just referred to don’t exist.

Anyway, I’m going to camp in Vermont for the next three weeks. I’m going to be working on a farm with animals and growing food and stuff. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures when I get back, but unfortunately there isn’t any electricity there, so I won’t be blogging for a while.

However, my mom agreed to do a little bit of guest-posting while I’m gone to keep you entertained, because I’m sure your lives totally revolve around this blog.


This is my latest completed sewing project if anyone was wondering- I’m debating between the names “Schizophrenic Steve” or “Steve the Psycho”. All I know is that he looks like a Steve.

If anyone’s curious, here are a few more of my favorites. I call them: Tylenol, 3 (I’m not creative and it happened to be the third one Imade), Steve, The Mooby (Cow baby!) and Pinky. And Steve’s left arm is detachable at the bottom. Two othersI’m rather proud of are Beanie and Beanette, two bean-shaped creatures with faces and hair, made out of my old mustard-colored corduroys.

You and I, we might be strangers

Heh, enjoying my creepy GIF? I originally did it as a picture of my new yellow shirt for the blog, but it turned out shadowey so I took another picture without moving the camera, and voila. I’m sure that was absolutely fascinating. Don’t worry, that’s not what this post is for, making that (which took 5 seconds) just made me feel really techmawlogie smuurrt.

Sooo, the real point was that I was walking around Providence today… I KNOW RIGHT?!?… and I stepped into Berk’s (as some readers may recall, my new favorite shoe and clothing store) to gaze longingly at the most beautiful and expensive Docs I’ve ever wanted this badly. Then my mom said she found a near identical pair online for about 2 thirds the price, which still left me $40 in my shoe budget (AKA life savings which I spend on shoes) so I bought this uh-maaaayzing pair of shoes! It’s still expensive, but I occasionally spend a lot on really beautiful things that will last me a long time. They had them in black and white, but I couldn’t resist the yellow! I LUV THEMMM. Still, not as much as the Docs, but one less awesome pair of shoes now and one awesome later is better than one awesome pair now… right? Here are some pictures of Providence and Berk’s.










And here are my new Vans, and what I wore today! Now that I live in a place with no constant construction or  pollution that blocks out the sun, outside pictures will become more frequent.


Wearing~ Tee: Cotton On. Skirt: from Vietnamese hill tribe. Shoes: Gladiators. (It was raining and I didn’t wanna ruin my new Vans)

One wing will never ever fly, dear, neither yours nor mine.

One Wing is my favorite Wilco song at the moment. That’s irrelevant to this post, but it’s been in my head for weeks and I thought I’d share.

What I really wanted to say was this: I MOVED! I moved out of Shenzhen, China, and I never have to go back! I mean, it was a good experience and all, but I really took fresh air and quiet for granted. And, you know, everything NOT being under construction so you need to hop over ditches and wires to walk to school. I love Providence! It’s so beautiful! I don’t have any pictures of downtown at the moment, but I will later today and I’ll post them then. For now, enjoy what I can see out of my windows.

(My new room with a blue floor!)

I also went thrifting for the first time in AGES. I went to the Salvation Army and got 4 things: a button-down print shirt, a grey blazer, a black blazer, and an eighties yellow striped tee shirt that hangs off one shoulder. Here are some pictures! Yaaaayyy! (sorry if they’re blurry, my camera sucks.)

This was $5!

$5.99Don’t remember how much this cost

I’ve been searching for a striped tee shirt to wear tucked into cuffed jeans for the summer with clogs or all-stars. It’s kind of my goal outfit for the next couple months. I was really craving one with longer sleeves and more fitted, but I like the color a lot.

OH! And one last note: I went into a tiny shoe store called “Berks” today and found the more amazing pair of floral Doc Marten’s ankle boots! Ah, Providence. I love them soooo much. I feel like they’re calling out to me! The thing is, they cost $120. I tried begging my mom to buy them for me, but I don’t think she will. I’m considering caving in and giving up my savings for this pair of shoes, but I don’t want to. If anyone knows where I can buy used Docs (including the internet) email me or tell me in the comments!

Here’s what I wore today- my new thrifted shirt is beautious!

Details, details!

Wearing~ shirt: Salvation Army. Shorts: Cotton On (HK). Shoes: supposed to be Vans, but aren’t :3 Bow on shorts: childhood

In the comments: Have you ever completely fallen in love with a pair of shoes?

Finally, an outfit post.

Sorry to keep you all waiting! This is what I wore today. And below that are some pictures I took the other day at school, and in gym class outside.

Cat ears: costume shack. Sweater: hand-me-downed. Wilco tee: unknown. Blue skirt: Cotton On (HK). Yellow skirt: little sister’s. Shoes: Hand-me-downed.


“the lean silhouette he opted for was more cerebral than sensual, even if the opening hits of broom yellow and lilac did suggest local summer flora…” -Tim Blanks

Couldn’t have put it better myself. The show was soooo nice and it reminds me of my newish yellow cardigan that was in a few recent posts. With the lilac, though, it looks more like summer than spring, like  if a little kid making a daisy chain on the beach took business-woman form- actually, daisies is a good comparison. It looks like… daisies.

Did I mention which show this is? It’s the Chanel resort 2012 collection. The only thing I don’t like is the shoes, they just take away from the outfits as a whole. They look kind of tacky and like the designer simply threw them in at the last minute. It makes them less flattering and more boring. They are okay in the last picture I posted, but otherwise they don’t seem like they go well at all.

And as a closing note, here’s some weekend inspiration and the manicure I gave myself. Dots are easy, okay?!!

Photos from (in order) Tokyo Bopper (2) , FRUiTS, Spank! girls, Now This is Gothic (2) , and an unknown source. If you recognize the last picture email me and I’ll source it correctly or take it down if you want.

,  Excuse my awkward face.

Barrettes, concerts, nail polish…

Yesterday I had my school’s annual spring concert, UUUGGGH. There’s nothing like sitting in a crowded, hot space on the floor backstage for three hours and running out every ten minutes to drag a string bass onto the stage to play for a minute at a time. But I decided to look presentable and springish, so I wore light yellow and blue, the springiest of colors in my opinion. Also, it was a perfect excuse to wear the prettiest hat alive um, not alive… yessss! I laid out the clothes and thought, “I’m going to feel so light and happy wearing this.” Unfortunately the sweater is wool, and the skirt is longish and thick, so I ended up feeling just heavy and sweaty all nihgt. At least I looked like I belonged in the spring. Unfortunately, the weather always feels like the middle of the summer here, so that was one less spring point. BUt let’s just get to the outfit, mmkay? Unfortunately my hat was falling off here…

Skirt: hand-me-downed. Sweater: J-Crew. Tank: Abercrombie hand-me-downed. Hat: from an old doll. Random barrettes. Shoes: unknown.

I also got some new barrettes at the grocery store today. I always go to the grocery store hair care section after school to see if they have new barrettes. I got eight or so cheap candy-shaped ones for only 4 RMB (uummm, I’m not good at math, maybe 50 cents?). Here they are. I might just have to paint over a couple of them to make them pastel-colored. Under that picture is my whole current barrette collection, which isn’t too great…

 Colorful candy barrettes with flowers!

I love hair thingies.

Ah, yes. My nails. I was looking through some pictures the other day and the sky is just so grey here (every day, due to pollution, not clouds) that I wanted to make a blue and green picture. Or bluish green. REALLY BRIGHT BLUISH GREEN to substitute the dull greys and browns I see out my window. And then I got this POSITIVELY MAGICAL IDEA of painting my nails the same color as the picture because 1. it will look pretty and 2. it might help me stop biting my nails, which is gross.

The original (care bear, old cd, hand-painted scissors, nail polish, bow brooch, glasses, self-made brooch, glasses case)

The nails (I had some editing fun.)

Yummmz, dontcha just luuvvv photo editing? It loves you, too, I promise. :3 (edited with fotoflexer.com)

I found my old camera the other day. It kind of sucks, but at least I don’t have to use Photobooth or borrow my mom’s anymore. :) Here are some recent pictures, and some that were just on the camera that I took a while ago. My favorite one is first- I took it this February or March and never ended up putting it on my computer until now. That’s not an abnormally grey sky, FYI.

This was before I even began blogging.

I love taking these blurry ghost photos.Hair thingies galore.I got a rose on valentine’s day!

My internet is really slow and these take forever to upload, so I’ll just leave it at that. Good night, everyone! Have a fabulous Wednesday! :)