Mui Miu Knockoff

I love Miu Miu detachable collars. I have always wanted one SO MUCH, because not only are they beautiful themselves, but they can add so much to an outfit. Mostly because they’re just beautiful though. When I see something pretty I have to admit I don’t come up with a meaningful description of my feelings in my head or put together an outfit or something, I just stand there going “peeeerrrdddyyy” and do something with it later. So for a long time I didn’t do anything to satisfy my detachable collar craving, even though it would be super easy to do so. It’s so simple you could probably figure it out, but I’ll teach you anyway because I like to feel smart, mmkay?

First 2 pictures randomly off the first page of Google Images and the last one from Tumblr.


1. Find a shirt and cut the collar off obviously. It can be any collared shirt, but mens’ are better because usually they are sturdier and bigger, which is good for a detachable collar. Try the shirt on first and make sure you like the way the collar fits before you start. Then cut around the bottom of the collar, or better yet, get one of those un-stitching-tool-thingies and just break the thread holding the collar to the rest of the shirt. Depending on the type of shirt, you might need to hem it, but mine looked fine so I just cut it and left it like that.

When you’ve cut it, it should look like this:

2. Now you’re going to paint a design on your collar. Yeah. I went there. Put your collar on to see which side faces out, and then paint whatever you want on it. Doing it freehand is kind of risky, so I used a home-made stencil for my first time. Cut out the silhouette of the design you’re going to paint on, and then simply put it onto the collar and paint over it with fabric paint. Easy peasy. But if I were you, I’d do it on a piece of paper first to make sure it comes out the way you want it to. Then just paint the details over it.

3. Let it dry. Then you can customize it even more. Maybe add some lace to the edge, add another (or the same) design to the other side of the collar, or replace the button. I went to a yard sale today and bought some awesome stuff, including a baby sweater with two cute elephant buttons. I cut one of the buttons off and replaced the one on the collar with the elephant one to customize it even more. This collar is now mine completely! I love it and I can wear it with any shirt!

Aaand, here’s my ‘Miu Miu’ collar with my favorite Wilco shirt! Yay! Fun fun fun fun, I’m ready to go partying-partying (yeah).

Oh, and what I wore today:

I think my new sparkly bow needs its own close-up.

Dress (worn as top): Stella McCartney. Skirt: Orla Keily hand-me-downed. Shoes: Mom’s gladiators. Thrifted mini-bow pin.


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