Ba-doom chah.

I decided I haven’t been very crafty recently, so I checked out the blog of the DIY-goddess Marlena (Self-Constructed-Freak) and I saw she made a Carebear purse/backpack. I have EXACTLY THE SAME CAREBEAR. I was tempted to do the same thing, but there is NO WAY I’m killing Love-A-Lot-Bear. Yes, that’s her name. Awkwardness aside. Back to the point, I went to my basement and murdered a fluffy white plush toy that I’m 99% sure was a bear, but I was getting some serious dog vibes after a while. Whatever. Here’s my new S-C-F inspired purse. I’m not so great at sewing (I just love to do it anyway :3 ) so I’ll only show the good side, and I probably won’t bring it to school/zone of destruction of all objects. The first picture is the whole thing, and the second is the back, where you put stuff into. I’m posing and putting my glasses into it, like I’m in a stock image.

Dontcha just looove my Stella McCartney zebra top? I have no idea how I got it, I probably either accidentally stole it from my mom or a friend. I don’t recall buying anything from Stella McCartney (not that I never wanted to!) I kinda feel like a cheater when I don’t source everything I wear in the pictures I take, so the leggings are from Cotton On (HK).

And here is something I drew a loonog time ago that I kept and still kind of like. My drawing skills aren’t the best, as you may know, but I’m rather proud of it. DUNCOPPYIT

You can probably click it to see all my secret colorful detail.               …that was sarcasm, there is no secret detail.

I have some more news. This will be a longish post, I’m afraid. Here’s the latest 411. :D

1. I have VOWED to myself to stop biting my nails.

After seeing Ergy-Erg’s post here, I noticed how pretty her hands were. I looked at mine and saw short, jagged nails, swollen red skin around my fingertips, and bloody cuticles. Ew. I have tried nail polish, snapping a rubber band on my arm whenever I caught myself, and even putting tape around all my fingers. Nothing worked so now I’m going for sheer willpower. And sleeping with socks on my hands so I can’t do it at night. Day one was a success.

2. I got new make-up.

Sorry. This is super cliche-girly, but I’m so excited! I can now draw on my face with 5 new colors of eyeliner and I got some quality bright red lipstick (before I was using some I got at CVS for $.99). Not that I wear it often, but still.  I have the urge to say ‘rawr’ right now, but that’s irrelevant and stupid so I won’t. Here’s me modeling some new eyeshadow and eyeliner. The eyeshadow is sparkly purple so I’ll probably never wear it- I never wear eyeshadow as is anyway- but it’s still cool. Maybe for halloween? I used all my eyeliners to draw on my hand. My favorites are the silver and lavender.

It looks like I have a black eye. Note to self: never put eyeshadow under your eye, especially purple, or you’ll look like you were in a fight.

Oh, wow. I can’t think of anymore news, even though I felt like there would be a lot. Oh wel,, hee hee…

I’ll probably think of it later and put it in a new irrelevant post.


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