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Hello! Today I’m writing my 30th post. Wow, thirty- I doubted I would make it past 1 or 2 before I got lazy and stopped! So, yay me I guess.

I have also achieved my goal of getting 1,000 views total today. Actually, I have had 1,016 so far- yes, I keep track :P- so I’m happy! I never thought anyone would EVER read this except my friends, but I guess I was wrong! My daily record is 78. In honor of my goal being achieved, here’s a bad and slightly creepy painting I made yesterday. Wooot.

Wait. How come I’ve only had about 20 comments EVER, but 1000 views? Someone’s breaking the rules! And Rodney, Dom says to give you this. *hug*

Painting by me. Please don’t use without permission. Drawn with colored pencils and water colors.


5 thoughts on “Blog Stats

  1. hey, so i was on and typed in ‘mission me’ and it had told me to go to your blog and comment, so I guess my mission is completed, and I love your picture =D I wish I can draw/paint like that.

  2. @Sara: As you may recall after reading the rest of this blog, I live in China, and lots of websites such as those are censored. Besides, I enjoy writing as much as I do posting pictures so I thought a normal blog would suit my needs more.

    @lucky: OMG! Yay! I was in a mission? I haven;t been to in ages, I almost forgot about it! And thank you, btw :)

Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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