Dotty legs

Today was one of the two days a week I can wear skirts (I have gym class on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday! Being such a wimp, it is awful in more than one way) so I took advantage and wore my Vietnamese tribal skirt, which my friend says looks like a rug. Oooohhh yeeeaaah, rug skirts FTW. I also wore my new voodoo doll brooch and Alexander McQueen ring that I made yesterday. Best. Outfit. Ever. In a long time.

I tried wearing black face paint as lipstick this morning, but I took it off at school when people kept letting me know the purple candy I had eaten was on my lips. Gah, some people just don’t get it! I need some REAL black lipstick. Maybe pastel green.

Here’s what I wore today.

This face is for everyone who wonders why I don’t usually smile in my pictures.

Shirt: Cotton On (HK). Vietnamese tribal skirt. Bag: Alexander McQueen. Brooch and ring: self-made. Legwarmers: Chinese street markets. Shoes: Doc Martens. Oh, and here are a few pictures I took after school.


Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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