Pretty in pink (and yellow and blue)

(pictures from Self-Constructed Freak, Spank!, and the movie Edward Scissorhands. I based my outfit mostly around the last picture, that movie has always been idea-triggering to me and it was my main inspiration today. That, and that I found my mom’s old holey sweater that she said I could have, and I was overjoyed at it’s yellow-ness and I based my outfit around that! Oh, and today was the least grey-looking day in a long time, so I took some pictures outside in front of bushes and stuff to make it look all lush and green. Is it working??!

 (my dog Iggy came to say hi)

Sweater: hand-me-downed from my mom. shirt: Urumtees. Jeans: um, Old Navy or Gap maybe?? Voodoo doll brooch: (you may recall that in my last post it was a necklace, but I transformed it for the sake of this outfit) Necklaces: self-made, gift, and unknown. (That was helpful.) Cat ear barrettes: a drugstore or something. Rings: from childhood, self-made. Bag: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN! I LOVE YOU MOM!

I hardly ever wear any jeans except for my mom’s old boyfreiend rolled-up jeans, but I needed light ones for my outfit and I had gym class today so I couldn’t wear a skirt. They are skinny jeans AND they have tears in them, which I hate!!! Tear tear! I don’t like having gym 3 times a week, it ruins my wardrobe selection!

I love Spank, by the way. In case I haven’t told you yet. It makes me want to move to Japan and live among the pretty plastic  barrettes and pastel unicorn-hair-woven dresses. BUT DON’T GO THERE OR YOU’LL BE EATEN  BY A GLITTERY NINETIES FAIRY AND HER PINK ELF PONY


Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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