I was sew busy!

Aren’t I punny?

I’ve been SO busy with schoolwork this weekend, I forgot about my lovely blog! Well, that is, until I looked upon my mini sewing kit and remembered. I also remembered that I had work to do with that sewing kit. I needed to do two things:

  • fix my broken owl backpack (the straps came off, the flap to close the bag came off, and one of the feet is pretty much dead)
  • make a fourteenth birthday present for my friend Chloe

I started with the first one, and I couldn’t get it back into backpack form. It was sew sad! (Okay, I’ll stop, I promise) But I COULD sew the straps together and make it a normal purse, and I could easily sew the flap back on by hand. I NEED a sewing machine though, I have some really awesome skirt designs that I can’t make by hand! Plus, all the fabric I have to work with here are old pajamas my mom won’t notice if they go missing. Blargh. At least I’m moving in 27 days. (I’ll still miss my friends terribly, obviously! But really. I need to go to Target.)

Here’s a picture of the mostly finished improved owl bag. i wish i had a before picture, I suck at remembering to take those.  just picture it in backpack form. oh, and i forgot to fix the foot. : (

It’s my favorite bag!!!You can’t see what’s wrong with the foot so I did a close-up.

It’s teh left foot. Just letting you know in case Captain Obvious forgets to show up.

Oh! And here’s Chloe’s present. (DON’T LOOK, CHLOE) (SPOILER, CHLOE, DON’T READ ON) (I MEAN IT, CHLOE!) It’s a cube. A cube of fail. It’s pretty much made with fail in every stitch. Leave me alone, I’m bad at sewing and I’ve never tried a cube before!!!!!!

And this was its best side. One of them is falling apart. It’s made of an old tank top my friend left at my house before she moved away three years ago, my brother’s old waterproof shirt, and PJ pants. So, it’s ugly and totally pointless, but can I get some points for creativity? Eh? Eh?

OH. And one more thing. I made a necklace! At first I was going to make Chloe an awesome voodoo doll, I even made hair out of yarn and stuff (now it’s inside the cube of fail!) but it turned out to be tiny and the limbs were all deformed at weird. So, I sewed it to some ribbon and it is my latest piece of jewelry. I now have a handmade mini voodoo doll necklace! Woot! Can I get a high five? I think I deserve one for this! It’s sooo awesome! I would give this to Chloe instead of that terrible cube with no function or purpose except to sit there and look ugly, but I’m selfish. Just kidding. Sort of. Oh, and did I mention that it has 2 sides? One green and pink, one beige and black. One from old PJs, one from an old headband thing.

Woah. It’s late. I’m going to bed. Goodnight, readers! Goodnight, moon! I fare thee well… I hope we meet again, I do, I do…


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