Google doesn’t like me.

I tried Googling my blog (The Ruby Lotus, The Ruby Lotus Blog, etc) yesterday and I couldn’t find it, even after four pages! The I typed in “therubylotus” and it was the first search. So, if you’re trying to find me through Google, don’t use spaces. :( Also, it uses the default slogan, “just another site”. How annoying.

Look! My website, and the old default slogan, is the first page that matched “therubylotus”!

But when I searched for the REAL name of my blog… nothing!


2 thoughts on “Google doesn’t like me.

  1. That happened to me when I first started blogging! My blog is called the Strawberry mist and everytime I tried googling it I would get recipes for cakes >:(
    But when I started to get more views it appeared when I was searching.

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