I have a friend…

I have a friend who is awesome in just about every way. This friend became such by simply asking me nine months ago, because this person is friendly, outgoing, and kind. Not a day went by where I didn’t doubt that we would be the best of friends forever, even when we fought or didn’t talk at all. If I was feeling down, or even if I simply wasn’t smiling at the moment, this friend would jump over to me, ask what’s wrong, and make me laugh. Though he doesn’t know it really, SO many people care about him. Some total idiots just don’t know how to express that he’s clearly superior to them. This friend is an artist. He is amazing at both visual and performing arts. He recently painted a beautiful picture but didn’t know that it was so great, and he can draw beautiful pictures of anything- animals, objects, people in hats, mermaids, owls. He is also one of the best actors I know, even though he doubts it. His handwriting looks like the font you’d see on the cover of a fantasy book, but he hates that, too. He encourages me every day. This friend hasn’t realized yet how truly amazing he is, and so  herby dedicate the OWL SIBLING OF THE DECADE AWARD to my owl sibling, Rodney!



One thought on “I have a friend…

  1. Rodney!!!! that post wouldd b exactlyy how i would describe him!, If you see him could you tell him to get his butt of skype more often ok? that wud be great! Give him a hug from me


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