DIY accessories!

I took out what I had left of my supplies here in China and I made some cute accessories to wear to school or something.Ugh, I hate saying “cute” to describe anything clothes-related, but seriously, they look like soft little puffballs of fun! I quite like how they turned out, actually, considering this was my first time making a dumpling-shaped-decoration headband. I forgot what those are called. : P

So, here are some wonderful pictures of what I made today!! I made a puffy littleĀ dumpling-shaped-decoration headband, a bracelet made out of ribbon and other broken bracelets, and I sewed teeny tiny faces onto my teeny tiny socks (just kidding, I’m a size 8 in shoes and I’m only 13 and 5’1”. I think my socks are anything but teeny tiny). Enjoy- or else!

Oops. The top part of my dumpling hair-piece deflated. Wah.

Mr sockey, my new bracelet, and the fabulous headband I am rather proud of.


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