denim on denim?! what has the world come to?!

Denim. It brings back memories of the nineties, your mom’s vests, your neighbor’s mini skirts. It reminds you of your favorite jeans and ugly jackets.  It is comforting, and also kind of terrible sometimes. I haven’t done an outfit post in ages, so I surfed the netty looking for inspiration. I came across this little gem along the way, just in Google images or something like that. 

I kind of love this picture! I don’t even know why. It’s probably the couch and the depressed/tired/bored/thinking faces of the women. Mostly the couch. So I dedicated today’s outfit to denim (no, not couches. I can’t wear those, unfortunately) as a chance to wear my new dress from Mom, as well. Double win! Here’s the outfit. I tried at first to look artsy and stuff with the loose open shirt, but I ended up being just gray. Oh well, gray is part of the rainbow too, right? …riiigght?

“See? I look great. Denim! And more! Are you intimidated? ARE YOU?!” That’s what it looks like I was saying here. The open shirt was from a Chinese market. Dress: Orla Kiely. Striped tee: Gap. Jeans: old hand-me-downs. Shoes: Doc Martens. Bowtie: came free with a dress I bought. Bunny brooch: my barrette. I believe that was in a post yesterday. That’s all, folks! Oh, and below, that’s my string bass.

SONG OF THE DAY: This will Be Our Year by the Zombies. That was random, I just have it stuck in my head now.

There. I did an outfit post, finally! Now I guess I’ll show you some bad illustrations I did when I was bored in my school notebooks, just to make the post longer…………………..

DON’T EXPECT MUCH. THIS WAS OFR MY OWN AMUSEMENT. They will be boring and suckish to you! RUN!

Well, that’s it! If you’re reading this you survived looking at my drawings (Medusa enchanted them with ugliness!) so congratulations and conflagrations to all. Yes, I just used a big word for ‘fire’ for no reason. The drawings and photos of the drawings are obviously by me, and the pictures are from Lucky and other magazines like that. I got the text in “shorty” from Elle, though.


Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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