As some of you know, I go to a tiny international school in China. There are about 200 kids in the middle school. In my area, it’s all construction, pollution, big empty office buildings, crazy traffic, motor bikes everywhere. There’s no mall or movie theater, no nice parks, no places for us to hang out. Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff is blocked by the government, and not everyone has a cell-phone. So, as a result, we can only express ourselves through school. School is the center of our lives at this point, the point where we’re all separated from our real homes and forced into a tiny space with 200 other kids you are forced to be around because there’s nobody else. Like any other school, you can make amazing friends. Unlike other schools, we communicate through email and face-to-face only. I don’t even remember the last time I texted, for some reason.

Another thing about my school is that it’s like a pit stop. It’s the break you take before your parents pick you up and drag you somewhere else in the world. Most people only stay for about two years, and some only stay for a few months. There ARE some kids who have been here since kindergarten, but that isn’t really what the school is like. I have had 6 new kids in my homeroom this year. 4 of the old ones moved away. Everything goes so fast. I only came to this school in September, and I’m moving in June. Of course, my friends weren’t HAPPY, exactly, (or so they say >.>) but nobody was surprised that I was leaving. It’s normal in the international school community.

As I said before, school is our only outlet to express ourselves here, and as a result, people take it to the max with their actions, how they dress, what they say, and who they talk to. Usually i’m not very outgoing, but when you only have a year in one place, you use it well. I tried to make friends instead of lounging around waiting for them to appear, because by the time we found each other, one of us would be gone. I keep no secrets with my biffles because there’s no point- that, and I trust them. Anyways, I’m going with the “how they dress” thing here, mostly. I brought a camera to school today and took pictures of whoever’s outfit or hairstyle brought a thought to my head, or just pictures of my school for you guys to see. I’m a photography nerd and I’m not even GOOD at it… wow, I’m a fail. Here are the piccies.

The school play was earlier this year, that’s the first pic. I’m the bad guy, the loner at the left.

This is my owl sibling, Rodney’s, finger. And that’s Emily Maria photobombing with her own hand behind it :)

Rodney stressed with homework or something.  But don’t worry… he’s ‘unshaken’. See the bracelet?

This is Abby. I like her leggings and skating shoes. I wish I could skateboard so I had an excuse to wear them!

This is from my textbook.
Aaawww… ironically, Ricardo, above, plays the Tin Man in the school play. “If I only had a heart”… I think carvings on desks are really interesting. Of course, that doesn’t


One thought on “School

  1. I’m at an international school in (southern) China as well! There are around 160 kids, with 80 of them being in grades 7-12… so I know what it’s like being at a super-small international school. Did your school have loads of Koreans? Mine does! It’s about 1/3 Korean, 1/3 Chinese/Taiwan/HK and 1/3 other. :D

    Oh yeah, my brother has that Star Wars Coffee t-shirt.

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