Rebecca Black

I feel like every blog, regardless of the subject, must have at least one short post about Rebecca Black.

Most of you know that I’m living as an expat in China now, near the Southern border. I don’t want any stalkers so I’m not getting any more specific ;)  Anyways, there is only one English newspaper in my area, and this was on the front second page a few weeks ago.

I was laughing just as much as anyone else until I realized that what everyone else was doing was much worse. It is pure meanness. Now I have a new respect for her. I think the song lyrics ARE a bit silly, but it’s not like she wrote them. Obviously, her voice isn’t the best in the world, (even she openly admits that) but she is probably not the worst. I feel bad for her because of all the hate she’s getting, but I think abusing the magic of music is just awful- she did the video to get famous, not to write about something meaningful or express herself. Lots of people say the bullying (yes it is) is her fault for trying so hard to get famous, and it sort of is, but that doesn’t make saying “I hope you cut yourself and get an eating disorder” or “kill yourself please!” any better.

I think someone should start a fan-club for her- not her music necessarily, just her- to stand up for the hate. And that’s my first and final take on Rebecca Black.


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