I’m embarrassed to…

…ask to take peoples’ photograph! It’s never been a problem for me before I got into fashion, but today I saw this woman in the airport (I was coming back from my vacation in Thaaaaiiilaaannd!) who was wearing this AMAZING floral top and these bleached jeans and gladiators and a straw hat, and she looked awesome. I just wanted to take a picture for the ruby lotus, but I was too embarrassed to ask! I wish I had now, but I can’t go back in time, so I drew a picture of the outfit. Please excuse my bad drawing skills. Does anyone have any tips on how to overcome my fear of, well, interacting with humans in this situation?

Oh, yeah… and I just got a copy of Gap Press. It’s this really thick fashion magazine that has a bunch of photos from Fashion Week in it. The captions are in English and Japanese, so I think the magazine is from Japan. This issue is for 2011/12 A/W shows in Milan and New York. My favorite show was the one by Prada.

Prada mixed 1920s femininity with the glamour from the sixties to create these outfits. They have bold colors and frilly hats, with fish-like scaly dresses. There are (fake) snakeskin boots and (fake) fur scarve-ish things draping around the models’ shoulders. It was so classy and elegant! There are more than one things in this show I would die to have. Those would probably be the reddish plastic-scaled skirt, a mustard-colored fluffy headpiece that wraps around like a bowling ball cover, and a pair of ANY of those boots. The scaly items look like if we went to the distant future and introduced the people to the style of the 1920s. It’s modern and classic at the same time. I also am falling in love with the low-waisted numbers and the oversized buttons on the coats. Here’s the style.com article: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/F2011RTW-PRADA. And here are some pictures of the show.

So, that’s my review on PRADA. Tell me what you think in the comments! Have a nice day! :)
Love, Ruby

3 thoughts on “I’m embarrassed to…

  1. don’t gotta be scared to ask, you know me, I’d just walk up and ask if I could take a picture. Just realize that if you tell her you run a fashion blog and you like her clothes that she’ll appreciate it and probably be cool with it. She could of even visited the site. :P Just don’t worry about what others say and think about you, you never do normally so think like that and you’ll be able to ask no prob. :D
    P.S Nice site!!

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