sick and tired of being sick and tired

I have a cough and a runny nose and i’m tired and achey all over. my throat hurts so much. so i put on something comfy and decided that since i couldn’t leave the house, i’d put something onto the blog. so this is what i wore today for my moping-sickly-around-the-house-parade. I just got a new Merci Beaucoup dress-shirt thing from one of the little shops in the Chinese clothing markets. it was straight out of the factory, and the stitching is pretty bad, so it was cheap. i LOVE it!!!! i will wear it every day forever until it gets, um, really gross!

I combined my last 2 or something posts to create this: colorful, asymmetrical  MB top and shiny nude shoes!!! yaaaayyy! PLUS, it’s really soft and warm. i wish myself a get well soon. my face looks so horrible and pale and sickly that i just cropped it out.

The stitching sucks. It will fall apart if I put it in the washing machine. Oh, well... it's awesomeness makes up for the stitching!


Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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